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San Bernardino , California

I have been an RN for over 16 years, and was very unsure of your
product.Thank you for this wonderful gift. Tonya at Metropolitan Oasis, San
Bernardino , CA provided my first treatment in December of 06. I have had 3 get compliments everyday of the perfection of my skin.
I am 46 years skin looks like a 29 year old. Secondly, for 30
years I would NEVER leave home without a complete makeover..even to the
grocery store...after my first has been 2
free..thank you for are worth it...


Kauai , Hawaii

I am a 40 year old woman who just received my first treatment from Alexandra Nishiki and I look like I did in high school. I feel like a renewed youth has enlightened my beauty even more.



“In July of 2001 I encountered a skin condition on my face. It looked like a bumpy rash with a deep red-tone colour making me so self-conscious of my appearance that I became “housebound”. When I had to go out I had to apply large amounts of makeup to cover it up.

For 4 years I went through the cost, time and treatments of seeing doctors, dermatologists and holistic medicine experts. They prescribed medications, creams and changing my diet, all to no avail. No one could come up with a diagnosis or a cure. I felt I had exhausted all my resources.

Earlier this year, I found myself at Cosabella. They treated me with your product “Intraceuticals Rejuvenation Infusion”. After several treatments, I found a complete renewal of my skin. My complexion is getting better and better with each treatment. I also got an unexpected bonus of the circles and age lines around my eyes disappearing. I have had 8 treatments to date and will continue indefinitely.

Intraceuticals Rejuvenation Infusion is absolutely wonderful and I am so grateful of your company and your product. Thank you so very much for restoring my life back to the way it was through the amazing results of Intraceuticals Rejuvenation Infusion has given me.”


Kelly, Medical Esthetician
La Jolla , CA .

The opulence serums have restored radiance and plumped up the complexion of all clients I have treated, making it a revolutionary break through in skincare treatments. I absolutely love it and will continue to combine it with additional modalities!!!


Kapaa, Kauai .

As a 25 year veteran in the skin care business, I am rarely impressed enough to write a testimonial. Well, with 02 Iintraceuticals, I am that impressed! It does what they say it does and clients are calling me to say their husbands are even complimenting their fresh, plumped faces! Enough said; thank you, 02 intraceuticals!


Lynn Opulence Testimonial. U.S.A

My Client that I've been treating for a few years for Melasma has been soooo frustrated. She's been using Hydroquinone which really helped the
melasma but made her face too white (She's Hispanic) so she would stop then the melasma would come back. I did an opulence tx on her then two days later
she left me a voicemail saying "OH MY GOD what did you do to my skin? Whatever it was we need to do it again". She bought a series! P.S. she's been to many high end places in the past and no one could help her. YEAH Thanks O2.


Age 61

"I have been receiving facial esthetics from ALEXANDRA NISHIKI in Kauai ,
Hawaii , for some time now. We have tried so many different products I had
almost given up. This is the first time my face/skin has responded so
wonderfully well to any product! I am dry by nature and now my face looks
moist and healthy, even without any product on my face. I receive many
compliments on how well I look. I am so happy Alexandra is using your



Heathmont, VIC

November 2003, I was invited to a promotion of O2. My skin care specialist recommended the treatment would be beneficial for my skin. After attending I am ecstatic with the results. I am into my second course and could not be happier with the results.The procedure and follow up products are great. I will continue with them.


Lara, VIC

I have suffered from rosacea for the last 10 years. I have always been self-conscious about my face. Since having the O2 oxygen facial treatment this year, I have seen a great improvement. My rosacea has settled immensely and my fine lines and blemishes have virtually disappeared. My skin feels and looks younger. I now have a facial every 6 weeks at Daleys Body & Beauty in Lara, and use the home products every night – which last for months. I have no hesitation in recommending this product to any woman especially those suffering from rosacea.

Intraceuticals  offers a line of revolutionary skincare products designed to combat free radical attack, replenish the skin’s natural lubricant, supply essential vitamins and restore elasticity is also available.


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