Lavaré Spa | Springfield, MO

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OcéaQuench: For all skin types, especially dehydrated  |  60 min.  |  $75

Nutrative oils and seaweed extracts will bathe your skin in nourishment from the sea. This mask restores the skin’s ability to hold water, while providing protection from external aggressors. This treatment restores and maintains optimum moisture levels in the epidermis while soothing tightness leaving the skin feeling comfortable, soft, supple, and invigorated, revealing a dewy glow and refreshed complexion.

OcéaPur: For oily and congested skin  |  60 min.  |  $75

Inspired by the beauty rituals of the Egyptian Queens, the exclusive final masque is made of Téthys mud extracted from an ancient site in Spain . Indulge your skin in the reparative properties of this highly concentrated dose of minerals and trace elements to soften congestion within the epidermis and detoxify the skin, to leave your face clean, fresh and glowing for days.

OcéaLift: For mature skin and anti-aging  |  60 min.  |  $75

The ultimate in age-prevention, this facial treatment restores the elasticity of the facial and neck tissue for a more youthful appearance. The skin is first cleansed, sloughed, and slathered with anti-aging serums and creams. The finale is a porcelain-like thermal mask, that warms to promote penetration of active ingredients then cools to calm and firm the skin. The hardened shell is lifted to uncover a smooth, supple and toned complexion. This is not recommended for people that experience rosacea.

OceaCalm: For sensitive, red, irritated and Rosacea effected skin | 60 min. | $75

A calming facial to soothe away blotches and redness. The coral products applied in this facial regulate microcirculation and diminish inflammation. Cool compresses even out skin tone and a calming mask decongests the skin and ensures quick recovery of all of the skins suppleness.

Express Facial: For all skin types except reactive, inflamed, irritated, or sunburned skin |  30 min.  |  $50

This peel exfoliates and revives a lifeless complexion. The skin’s tone becomes illuminated, uniform, radiant, and glowing. Surface texture is smooth and small imperfections are minimized (acne, pigment marks, fine lines, etc.) and the skin is soft and hydrated. This is not recommended for people that experience reactive, inflamed, irritated or sunburned skin.

Back Facial: Great for athletes, dancers, hormonal breakouts and dry skin | 60 min.  |  $75

One key to beautiful skin is through exfoliation. This is achieved with an ocean crystal and Vegetal Coral scrub that not only makes the skin feel smoother; it actually moisturizes and renews the skin. After a thorough exfoliation, you will be treated to an extremely relaxing OcéaThermie back massage. A smooth and rich moisturizing lotion, possessing the extraordinary ability to restore protection and long-lasting moisture to dehydrated skin is applied, leaving the skin soft, smooth, and supple. Each indulgent phase ensures optimum moisture and ultimate relaxation.


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