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OcéaPur – Moisturizers and Masks for Oily and Problematic Skin

Includes Téthys Mud, which is abundant in minerals, trace-elements, and clay, giving it extraordinary purifying, sanitizing, and sebum-reducing properties to benefit oily or problem skin. Helps to regulate sebum production and prevents bacteria from developing on the surface of the skin. Offers long-lasting matte appearance, minimizes skin imperfections over time, helps prevent the appearance of new skin problems, and provides a healthy radiant glow. These specifically formulated, non-aggressive products help restore skin’s balance and maintain a prefect level of hydration.

OcéaPur Cleansing Cream Scrub $31.50 | 150 ml
Rich in exfoliating microbeads, this cream gently removes impurities and refines the texture of the skin. Perfectly pure, the skin recovers its natural radiance. For combination, oily, and problem skin. Exfoliate with this 1-2 times weekly to slough off dead skin and bacteria to reveal healthier and blemish-free skin.

OcéaPur Moisture-Matte Cream $40.50 | 50 ml
Rich in anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory marine sugars, this specific treatment reduces shine from over production of oil, and purifies the skin, while providing the moisture needed for a fresh complexion and flawless skin. Your skin remains supple and shine-free all day long. For combination, oily, and problem skin.

OcéaPur Anti-Imperfection Concentrate $34.00 | 30 ml
This treatment acts with precision on skin imperfections. Inflammations are soothed and imperfections erased. Your skin is healthier and blemish-free. For combination, oily, and problem family. Can be used as a spot treatment on blemishes and imperfections.

OcéaPur Purifying Mud Mask $41.50 | 50 ml
It eliminates impurities and absorbs excess sebum without irritating the fragile areas of the face. Purified and cleansed, the balance of the skin is restored and the complexion is radiant. For combination, oily, and problem skin.

If you would like to make an order, please contact Lavaré Spa by calling (417) 576-6049 or send us an e-mail.


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