Lavaré Spa | Springfield, MO

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Welcome to the Lavaré Spa shop where all spa services and treatments include Phytocéane products. Phytocéane - a perfect combination of science, sea, and nature - is an exceptional line of skin and body care products, with a meticulous balance of active natural elements. All Phytocéane products contain Jania Rubens, a plant coral with exceptional properties. When allpied to the skin, Jania Rubens, protects the skin from dehydration and locks in minerals and nutrients. It actively protects the skin’s membranes and stimulates natural water-locking mechanisms. In cosmetic terms, it is one of the highest performing, natural marine active ingredients available today.

If you would like to make an order, please contact Lavaré Spa by calling (417) 576-6049 or send us an e-mail.


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