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Treat Yourself

By Whitney Wilkins
417 Magazine, July 2009

A massage might seem like a special treat, but what would happen if a special treat came along with the massage?

Adding to the decadence, Elle Feldman offers homemade truffles to the massage clients at Zen 3 Spa & Bodyworks.

Elle Feldman, an esthetician at Zen 3 Spa & Bodyworks, offers one of her delectable handmade truffles to every massage recipient. Feldman says she started making truffles when she worked in New York City as a flight attendant. “I was on standby, which means I just sat at home waiting for them to call,” she says. “I had just gotten married, so I bought some cookbooks and decided to learn how to cook.”

Feldman’s most successful cooking venture, truffles, began appearing in her friends’ and family’s Christmas stockings and birthday gifts. “I just love the idea of giving someone something that I made myself,” Feldman says.

Feldman, who has been an esthetician for five years, began giving truffles to her clients last winter. “It started out that I had leftover truffles, what I call the ‘scratch and dent’ ones,” she says. “Those are what I gave out.”

The truffles—not scratched or dented—are now a successful side business for Feldman, who markets them under the brand Elle’s Patisserie. Holidays and weddings have become big sellers for Feldman, and she recently made soccer ball truffles for a birthday party and monogrammed truffles in candy purses for a woman who collected purses as a hobby.

Although there are many possibilities, Feldman’s signature truffle is a salted caramel truffle with French sea salt. “That sweet and salty combination is addictive,” Feldman says. “People just crave that truffle.”



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